Pastoral Council Meeting February 11, 2019





Present:       Fr. Alex, D. Anderson, S. Argaon, Ed. Archuleta, H. Davis,

                     M. Dixon, B. Dominguez, R. Higgs, C. Logan, (Vice-

                     Chairperson), C. Roberts.


Absent:        A. Price


Guest:           Charlie Graves


Overview:   Christine called the meeting to order.   She announced  that

                      Michael Riley has resigned and so has student Anissa Wright.

                      She introduced our guest: Charlie Graves who wished to make 

                      a presentation.        


                     Ed. Archuleta provided prayer.


                      Richard made motion to accept the January 15 Summary

                     Notes; Ed. seconded.  Notes approved.


Old Business:


               1) Building Plans. Background and future options “What Can

                   Parish Council Do to Assist Fr. Alex.”  He indicated that “the

                   construction of a new church would cost a lot.”  The question is

                   what do we want and need?

                       □ Parish Hall (with flexible space for classrooms)

                       □ Catechism space for children

                       □ Remodel existing facility


   Estimated Cost-  Richard mentioned that $1.1 million has been 


                   It was mentioned that construction cost would be between

                      $4-$5 + million dollars +

                   ● The Diocese requires that 50% of funds be in place.


● Following further discussion there was consensus that the 

   Pastoral Council should provide the leadership to move the

   building plans forward.  This would entail providing an

   update to the parish as to where things stand and outline next

    steps.  Sue Padilla will be invited to attend the next meeting   

    and  provide  report on a) Background , b) Plans, c) Next steps,   




          2)  Registration Opportunity at 9:30am Mass-  Christine indicated that

               we should proceed with the Census Update at the Spanish Mass.

               This is scheduled to take place on February 24.  Volunteers are

               needed.  Mike volunteered.   Christine will try and recruit one or

               two more individuals.  



New Business:


         1) Financial  Report Re Lunch Bunch/La Bodega- Richard provided a

            financial report for these two Ministries.


            A) Lunch Bunch shows a major deficit-

                 Fr. Alex indicated that it has a long tradition.  Mike indicated 

                     that many of the students served are international.


               ►Key Questions include:

                     What is its Mission?

                       Do we want it to continue? [Perhaps meals should be served  

                          to the Wednesday Campus Ministry Group.]

                     ○ What is its relationship to Campus Ministry and should  the

                        two not be coordinated?

                     ○ Mike will follow-up with Bonnie.


             B) LaBodega shows a surplus- Richard indicated that La Bodega

                  should implement a program that will reduce the financial surplus

                  in support of needed households.

                   Hiram who serves as a volunteer indicated that many needed

                      households and children are served.  None of these are St.

                     Albert Parishioners.


                 ► Key Questions include:

                        What is its Mission?

                        ○ Ideas for improvement?

                        ○ Are we taking care of our Parishioners?

                        Should there be a Committee?


New Business (Cont.):


2 ) Friday’s during Lent – Christine announced that the Council ‘s 

    date to “Serve Soup for Lent” is March 29.  She passed out a   

    sign up sheet.  We need soup for approximately 20 parishioners 

    as well as servers.   Soup and servers  should be available at



3) Additional Student Representative- Clair  is our only student

    representative.  She will try and recruit another student.


4)  Church Fundraiser-  Charlie Graves-  Presented an idea for

     obtaining  car from a local Dealership and sale raffle tickets

     ($50-$100).  He has approached several Dealerships who have

     expressed an interest.  The raffle would be in conjunction with

     the next Pachanga.  Discussion followed.  There seems to be

     interest in pursuing  this matter further.







Next Meeting:  For March To Be Determined (TBD)



Submitted by Hiram L. Davis