Pastoral Council Meeting October 16, 2018 at 6:30PM






Present:       Fr. Alex, H. Davis, R. Higgs, C. Logan, (Vice- President),

                     A. Price, C. Roberts


Absent:        A. Wright



Overview:   Christine called the meeting to order.   Fr. Alex provided the



                     Clara Roberts was introduced as a new Student Representative 

                     and welcomed to the Council.  Anna moved that the Summary

                     Notes in conjunction with the September 5 meeting be approved;  

                     Richard seconded, Notes were unanimously approved.


New Business:


 1 ) Council Information Sharing- Christine opened discussion by

      asking: ● What to share ● Where/how to share information

      how to keep up-to-date and relevant. 


        There was consensus that information should be placed in the

        Bulletin and should make use of the website.  Hiram

        indicated that he has spoken with Regina and she is updating

        the website.  He also mentioned that the Hall Pastoral

        Bulletin Board will be updated.


         It was also suggested that we should add Council member

        photos to the Bulletin Board.  It was agreed that members

        should submit photos to Hiram and he will add to Bulletin



         [As an aside, Fr. Alex showed the St Albert Apt that he has

       on his phone.  It was noted that much of the information was 

       out-of-date.  He followed up with Regina who made an



                  2)  December joint meeting with Finance Council- It was noted

                      that hold a joint meeting usually at someone house.  Christine

                     will follow–up with Finance Council.


Old Business:


                    1) Council Membership- Christine opened discussion by asking

                        about: ●Announcement/recruitment sharing ● Discernment/

                        information sharing ● Introduction at joint Finance/Pastoral

                       Council meeting in December.  Following discussion it was 

                       Agreed that:

         □ Fr. Alex will announce at forthcoming Masses that the

             Pastoral Council is seeking 4 new members

         □ The Discernment is scheduled for November 17, from 9am-

             11am.  Christine and Richard will work on presentation

         □ Clara will contact Deacon Dave about student


         □ Richard will ask Finance Council about a representative


2)  Update on Parish Registration- Anna provided an update on the



                              556 responses
                              254 new registrants (of which 91 were new students)

                              families completed the form

                          302 registered families completed the form

                          692 individuals in the database did not complete the form


                          Regina/Isabel have begun to send out welcome letters as 

                          Time permits.  Anna will find out the cost for mailing letters

                          and forms to non-respondents and report back.


          3)  Update on Strategic Planning- Hiram reported on the

               September 8 Strategic Planning Retreat, which was very

               successful.  He indicated that a full retreat is scheduled for

               November 3 from 9am-11am.  Following, he will provide a

               full report to the Finance/Pastoral Councils.




Members Additional Comments:


                   1) Spanish Mass- Several Council members indicated that that

                       they thought parishioners gave a positive response to Fr.

                     Alex’s announcement about the forthcoming Spanish Mass.


Next Meeting-  Has been scheduled for November 20 at 6:30pm at the Bridge.



Submitted by Hiram L. Davis