Pastoral Council Meeting May 13, 2019





Present:       D. Anderson, S. Aragon, Ed Archuleta, H. Davis, M. Dixon,

                     C. Logan, (Chairperson), A. Price                               


Absent:        Fr. Alex, R. Higgs, C. Roberts


Guests:        Isela Alvarez, Emma Armendariz,  Bonnie Beneddetti, Celina             

                    Chavez, Nancy Davis, Isabel Gallegos, Deanna Gibbs,

                    James Kelly, Debra Merigo, Elaine Paredes


Overview:   Christine called the meeting to order.  She led the Council 

                     members in a prayer.


                     Ed  made motion to accept the April 8 Summary

                     Notes; Mike seconded.  Notes approved.


Old Business:


               [No Old Business Discussion]


New Business:


              Christine asked the Ministry Head Guest to introduce themselves.:


              Each Ministry Head was asked to provide a brief overview of

              their Ministry program:



    1)      Altar Linen  (Debra Merigo)

                 Currently there are nine (9) members in the Linen Ministry.

                 The purpose is to maintain the linens used by the priest of the

                     Eucharist during the holy sacrifice of the Mass.  The contribution

                 of the Alter Linen Ministry is to help ensure that our   

                “ Sacred  space” is both welcoming and appropriately


               Would welcome a few more volunteers.   [See attachment 1]



2)  Arts and Environment (Olga Browne) Isabel Reported 

                  Has three (3) volunteers/ could use more

                  ● Need more 2030 year old volunteers


3)  Bereavement Ministry (Celina Chavez)

                  The ministry is com posed of 16 members and quarterly

                     the 2nd Tuesday of the month after 5:30pm Mass

                  ● Mission: To provide bereavement/consolation support

                      due to the death of a loved one.  Two scriptures that the

                      ministry follows are:

                          - Matthews 5:4 Blessed are they who mourn; they

                             will be consoled.

                          - Mark 1:14-15 When we minister to one another,

                             message to us is the reign of God is at hand.

                             [See attachment 2]


4)  Bread Bakers (Becky Alcantar) Isabel Reported

                ● Have 5-6 active bakers

                It takes 3-4 hours to prepare the bread for each

                   Mass weekend.

                   [See Attachment 3]


5)  Homebound (Dodie Marrufo) Isabel Reported

                 ● Ten (10) ministers 

                 ● Fr. Alex will do a twice a month training session

                       ● The Diocese conducts a quarterly training session


     6)  Lunch Bunch (Bonnie Benedetti)

                        ● Four (4) volunteers per day/Five (5) hours a week

                        Everyone who uses the kitchen should sig a contract

                           To leave kitchen clean and used items put back in


                        ● Would like to see more donations from the parish,

                            Perhaps a second collection every other month and/

                            or a fund raiser.

                         Could use more volunteer [See Attachment 4]


 7)     Marriage Mentoring (Nancy Davis & Olga Browne)

             ● Couple decides on either Engaged Encounter at Holy Cross

                 Retreat Center or Prepare Enrich Program (PEP)

             Engaged Encounter decision: contact info given to engaged couple  

                and couple contacts Holy Cross Retreat Center or

             ● Prepare Enrich Program decision: we enroll engaged couple in


             ● Couple completes on-line survey from PEP

             ● PEP facilitator reviews survey

             ● Connect engaged couple with mentoring couple

             ●Provide pastor with documents indicating 6-8 Mentoring sessions

               have been completed by engaged couple

            -Program needs mentoring couples married 10-15 years.

            -Pastor recommends suitable couples for this ministry.

            -Requests for this ministry have not, in the past, been advertised as other 

             ministries have.  [See Attachment 5]


8)  Money Counters (James Kelly)

                         ● Meet every Tuesday morning (7:30am-9:am)

                         Requires eight (8) individuals to do the counting.

                            More time required when there is a second collection.

                         Would be good to have someone from the Finance

                            Council as a counter,


9)  Newman Women’s ACTS/Adoration Community Theology  Service

     (Isela Alvarez, Emma Armendairz, Deanna Gibbs, and Elaine Paredes)

                          ● Ministry to Newman Center: 1) Music Ministry, 2) Support

                             Priests, 3) Share the journey Posada Novena, 4) Our Lady

                             Of Guadalupe Celebration, 5) Faith sharing Groups,

                             6, Mary Month of Mary Rosary, 7) Pizza, Praise and

                             Worship at Newman, 8) Epiphany House Blessing,

                             9) Presentation of Our Lord Candles, 10) Soup, Stations,

                             And Holy Cards, 11) Rosary Tree, 12) 2018 Good Friday

                             Pilgrimage to Santo Nino de Atocha, 13) St. Peregrine

                             Prayer Ministry

                          ● Newman Ministries supported by Newman ACTS Sisters

                              In Past Years

                          ● Additional Service Projects, Faith formation and Fellowship.

                              [See Attachment 6]


10)  Prayer Chain (Isabel Gallegos)

                          The prayer chain is made up of those who want to devote

                              Some time to pray for those that are sick or need a special



Following the presentations.  The emerging theme was :


    Each  Ministry needs more volunteers

    ►Parishioners need to be made more aware of the various

       Ministries and what they do.

   A more effective recruitment program needs to be put in place.


Members Comments-




Next Meeting: June 10, 2019 6:30pm at the Bridge



Submitted by Hiram L. Davis