Pastoral Council Meeting April 8, 2019





Present:       Fr. Alex, D. Anderson, S. Aragon, H. Davis,  M. Dixon,

                     R. Higgs, C. Logan, (Vice- Chairperson),  A. Price                               

                     C. Roberts


Absent:        Ed. Archuleta


Overview:   Christine called the meeting to order.  The Council Members

                     Recited the Lord’s Prayer.


                      Richard  made motion to accept the March 18 Summary

                     Notes; Mike seconded.  Notes approved.


Reports:     Fr. Alex announced that 3 applications have been received for

                    the Campus Ministry Position.  It is anticipated that the

                    appointment will be in place by August.


                     ● Fr. Alex announced that Marsha Franke will retire as head of

                         La Bodega in August.  Following discussion on the mission

                        of La Bodega and who is being served, Richard made a

                        motion that La Bodega should be phased out; Denise            

                        seconded, the motion passed.


                     ● M. Dixon talked with Bonnie about the Mission of the

                         Lunch Bunch.  He circulated a statement from her. 

                         Following, there was considerable discussion

                         about who is being served, how to increase the numbers, the

                         relationship of the Lunch Bunch and Campus Ministry. 

                         Subsequently,  Richard  made the following 

                        Motion, and Denise seconded:

                               1) The Pastoral Council recommends to the Finance

                                    Council that the Lunch Bunch program be funded for

                                    the remainder of the school year;



                    2) Since the Lunch Bunch is an essential part of St.

                        Albert Parish the Finance Council should provide

                         adequate funding in the future;  and    

                    3) The Lunch Bunch Program should develop strategies to more

                       effectively reach college students and to be better integrated

                       with the Campus Ministry Program.

                       ●The above three part motion passed.



Old Business:


               1) Parish Building Plans and Activities- Christine announced that

                   the Building Plan Recommendation has been sent out.


New Business:


                1) Strategic Plan- Christine suggested “Pastoral   Council tasks in

                    conjunction with the Strategic Plan.”   There was discussion

                    regarding next steps.     Hiram indicated that only ten (10)  

                    parishioners responded to the request to provide feedback 

                    regarding the Strategic Plan.    To ensure that the plan is

                    successful every effort should be made to engage more

                     parishioners in the process.        


                    ●Christine distributed a copy of the Newman Center Strategic  

                      Plan that was developed by the “Core Team” that lists action

                      steps for the next three (3) years and also things the Pastoral

                      Council should address.

                    There was discussion regarding the development of a Parish

                        Handbook. Hiram mentioned that he is working on this. 

                        Denise and Steve volunteered to assist on the endeavor.  He

                        agreed to provide them with background material that has

                        been identified and a draft Table of Contents.


Members Comments:


                ● Christine mentioned that were a number of issues that took place

                    during last week Masses: There was an emergency; there was

                    need for greeters and sacristans , etc.


               ● Mike raised the issue of student parking passes.  There was

                  considerable discussion regarding the pros and cons and other

                  issues related to this.  There was consensus that Mike will

                  explore this further and come back to the Council with a plan.





Next Meeting: May 13, 2019 6:30pm at the Bridge



Submitted by Hiram L. Davis